1. Performance
    1. The Contractor must, when requested by Toner Supplies, provide evidence of the ongoing performance of the Contractor's OHS management system. Without limiting the requirements of this obligation, the Contractor must provide the following information on a periodic basis to Toner Supplies:
      1. number of lost time injuries;
      2. working days lost due to injury;
      3. current status of any injured personnel, damaged property or environmental damage or pollution;
      4. status of the implementation and outcomes of corrective actions undertaken as a result of OHS inspections and risk assessments; and
      5. status of OHS management system audits undertaken.
    2. The Contractor must, when requested by Toner Supplies, provide reports on OHS inspections, audits or assessments undertaken during the course of performing services for or supplying products to Toner Supplies ("Services").
  2. Accidents
    1. If the Contractor is required by any Occupational Health and Safety legislation or by any other law or regulation to give any notice of an accident occurring during the performance by the Contractor of the Services for Toner Supplies, the Contractor will at the same time, or as soon as possible in the circumstances, provide Toner Supplies with a copy of that notice.
    2. The Contractor must promptly notify Toner Supplies of any accident, injury, property or environmental damage which occurs during the performance of Services for Toner Supplies. The Contractor must immediately notify Toner Supplies of all lost time incidents. The Contractor must, within 3 days of any such incident, provide a report giving complete details of the incident, including results of investigations into its cause, and any recommendations or strategies for prevention in the future.
  3. Non-compliance
    1. If, during the performance of the Services for Toner Supplies, Toner Supplies informs the Contractor that Toner Supplies is not satisfied that the Contractor is:
      1. performing the Services in compliance with the Contractor's health and safety plan, health and safety management procedures, relevant legislation or health and safety procedures provided by Toner Supplies from time to time; or
      2. performing the Services in such a way as to endanger the health and safety of Contractor's employees or Toner Supplies or its contractors' or subcontractors' employees, plant, equipment or materials, the Contractor will promptly remedy that breach of health and safety
    2. Toner Supplies may direct the Contractor to suspend the work until such time as the Contractor satisfies Toner Supplies that the work will be resumed in conformity with applicable health and safety provisions. During periods of suspension referred to above, Toner Supplies will not be required to make any payment whatsoever to the Contractor.

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